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[6502 Second Processor version]

Name: SPEECH [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Sound Summary: Phrases for the Watford Electronics Beeb Speech Synthesiser Deep dive: Secrets of the Executive version
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * TALK uses SPEECH
.SPEECH IF _EXECUTIVE EQUB 13 EQUS "TALK " \ 1: "Incoming missile" EQUS "A NN1 " EQUS "PA2 " EQUS "KK3 AA MM IH NG " EQUS "PA4 " EQUS "MM IH SS I LL" EQUB 13 EQUS "TALK " \ 2: "Energy low" EQUS "N ER1 G " EQUS "PA4 " EQUS "LOW" EQUB 13 EQUS "TALK " \ 3: "Elite" EQUS "EH LL EY TT1" EQUB 13 EQUS "TALK " \ 4: "Oh shit, it's a mis-jump" EQUS "O " EQUS "PA2 " EQUS "SH IH TT1 " EQUS "PA5 " EQUS "IH TT1 SS " EQUS "PA4 " EQUS "A " EQUS "PA4 " EQUS "MM IS " EQUS "PA2 " EQUS "JH UW1 MM PP" EQUB 13 ENDIF