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Maths (Geometry): MAS1

[BBC Micro cassette version]

Name: MAS1 [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Maths (Geometry) Summary: Add an orientation vector coordinate to an INWK coordinate Deep dive: The space station safe zone
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * Main flight loop (Part 14 of 16) calls MAS1 * Main flight loop (Part 16 of 16) calls via MA9

Add a doubled nosev vector coordinate, e.g. (nosev_y_hi nosev_y_lo) * 2, to an INWK coordinate, e.g. (x_sign x_hi x_lo), storing the result in the INWK coordinate. The axes used in each side of the addition are specified by the arguments X and Y. In the comments below, we document the routine as if we are doing the following, i.e. if X = 0 and Y = 11: (x_sign x_hi x_lo) = (x_sign x_hi x_lo) + (nosev_y_hi nosev_y_lo) * 2 as that way the variable names in the comments contain "x" and "y" to match the registers that specify the vector axis to use.
Arguments: X The coordinate to add, as follows: * If X = 0, add (x_sign x_hi x_lo) * If X = 3, add (y_sign y_hi y_lo) * If X = 6, add (z_sign z_hi z_lo) Y The vector to add, as follows: * If Y = 9, add (nosev_x_hi nosev_x_lo) * If Y = 11, add (nosev_y_hi nosev_y_lo) * If Y = 13, add (nosev_z_hi nosev_z_lo)
Returns: A The highest byte of the result with the sign cleared (e.g. |x_sign| when X = 0, etc.)
Other entry points: MA9 Contains an RTS
.MAS1 LDA INWK,Y \ Set K(2 1) = (nosev_y_hi nosev_y_lo) * 2 ASL A STA K+1 LDA INWK+1,Y ROL A STA K+2 LDA #0 \ Set K+3 bit 7 to the C flag, so the sign bit of the ROR A \ above result goes into K+3 STA K+3 JSR MVT3 \ Add (x_sign x_hi x_lo) to K(3 2 1) STA INWK+2,X \ Store the sign of the result in x_sign LDY K+1 \ Store K(2 1) in (x_hi x_lo) STY INWK,X LDY K+2 STY INWK+1,X AND #%01111111 \ Set A to the sign byte with the sign cleared, \ i.e. |x_sign| when X = 0 .MA9 RTS \ Return from the subroutine