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Version analysis of DEBRIEF

This code appears in the following versions (click to see it in the source code):

Code variations between these versions are shown below.

Name: DEBRIEF Type: Subroutine Category: Missions Summary: Finish mission 1 Deep dive: The Constrictor mission
Other entry points: BRPS Print the extended token in A, show the Status Mode screen and return from the subroutine
.DEBRIEF LSR TP \ Clear bit 0 of TP to indicate that mission 1 is no ASL TP \ longer in progress, as we have completed it

Code variation 1 of 1Related to an advanced feature

In the disc and 6502SP versions, killing the Constrictor at the end of mission 1 gives you 256 kill points, but only when you attend the debriefing. In the Master and NES versions, you get the kill points the instant you kill the Constrictor.

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INC TALLY+1 \ Award 256 kill points for completing the mission
\INC TALLY+1 \ This instruction is commented out in the original \ source
 LDX #LO(50000)         \ Increase our cash reserves by the generous mission
 LDY #HI(50000)         \ reward of 5,000 CR

 LDA #15                \ Set A = 15 so the call to BRP prints extended token 15
                        \ (the thank you message at the end of mission 1)


 BNE BRP                \ Jump to BRP to print the extended token in A and show
                        \ the Status Mode screen, returning from the subroutine
                        \ using a tail call (this BNE is effectively a JMP as A
                        \ is never zero)