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Big Code File source

[Acorn Electron version]

ELECTRON ELITE BIG CODE FILE SOURCE Electron Elite was written by Ian Bell and David Braben and is copyright Acornsoft 1984 The code on this site has been reconstructed from a disassembly of the version released on Ian Bell's personal website at The commentary is copyright Mark Moxon, and any misunderstandings or mistakes in the documentation are entirely my fault The terminology and notations used in this commentary are explained at The deep dive articles referred to in this commentary can be found at
This source file produces the following binary files: * ELITECO.bin after reading in the following files: * ELTA.bin * ELTB.bin * ELTC.bin * ELTD.bin * ELTE.bin * ELTF.bin * ELTG.bin * SHIPS.bin * WORDS9.bin
INCLUDE "1-source-files/main-sources/elite-build-options.asm" _IB_SUPERIOR = (_VARIANT = 1) _IB_ACORNSOFT = (_VARIANT = 2) GUARD &5800 \ Guard against assembling over screen memory
Configuration variables
CODE% = &0D00 \ CODE% is set to the location that the main game code \ gets moved to after it is loaded LOAD% = &2000 \ The load address of the main game code file
Load the compiled binaries to create the Big Code File
ORG CODE% .elitea PRINT "elitea = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTA.bin" .eliteb PRINT "eliteb = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTB.bin" .elitec PRINT "elitec = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTC.bin" .elited PRINT "elited = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTD.bin" .elitee PRINT "elitee = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTE.bin" .elitef PRINT "elitef = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTF.bin" .eliteg PRINT "eliteg = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/ELTG.bin" .checksum0 PRINT "checksum0 = ", ~P% SKIP 1 \ We skip this byte so we can insert the checksum later \ in IF _IB_ACORNSOFT SKIP 1 \ This byte appears to be unused ENDIF .ships PRINT "ships = ", ~P% INCBIN "3-assembled-output/SHIPS.bin" .end
Save ELITECO.unprot.bin
PRINT "P% = ", ~P% PRINT "S.ELITECO ", ~CODE%, " ", ~P%, " ", ~LOAD%, " ", ~LOAD% SAVE "3-assembled-output/ELITECO.unprot.bin", CODE%, P%, LOAD%