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Drawing ships: scacol

[BBC Master version]

Name: scacol [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Drawing ships Summary: Ship colours on the scanner Deep dive: The elusive Cougar
Context: See this variable in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this variable in the different versions References: This variable is used as follows: * SCAN uses scacol
.scacol EQUB 0 EQUB YELLOW2 \ Missile EQUB GREEN2 \ Coriolis space station EQUB BLUE2 \ Escape pod EQUB BLUE2 \ Alloy plate EQUB BLUE2 \ Cargo canister EQUB RED2 \ Boulder EQUB RED2 \ Asteroid EQUB RED2 \ Splinter EQUB CYAN2 \ Shuttle EQUB CYAN2 \ Transporter EQUB CYAN2 \ Cobra Mk III EQUB MAG2 \ Python EQUB MAG2 \ Boa EQUB MAG2 \ Anaconda EQUB RED2 \ Rock hermit (asteroid) EQUB CYAN2 \ Viper EQUB CYAN2 \ Sidewinder EQUB CYAN2 \ Mamba EQUB CYAN2 \ Krait EQUB CYAN2 \ Adder EQUB CYAN2 \ Gecko EQUB CYAN2 \ Cobra Mk I EQUB BLUE2 \ Worm EQUB CYAN2 \ Cobra Mk III (pirate) EQUB CYAN2 \ Asp Mk II EQUB MAG2 \ Python (pirate) EQUB CYAN2 \ Fer-de-lance EQUB CYAN2 \ Moray EQUB WHITE2 \ Thargoid EQUB CYAN2 \ Thargon EQUB CYAN2 \ Constrictor EQUB 0 \ Cougar EQUB CYAN2 \ This byte appears to be unused EQUD 0 \ These bytes appear to be unused