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Charts: DrawCrosshairs

[NES version, Bank 0]

Name: DrawCrosshairs [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Charts Summary: Draw a set of moveable crosshairs as a square reticle
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * TT103 calls DrawCrosshairs

Arguments: QQ19 The pixel x-coordinate of the centre of the crosshairs QQ19+1 The pixel y-coordinate of the centre of the crosshairs
.DrawCrosshairs LDA #248 ; Set the pattern number for sprite 15 to 248, which STA pattSprite15 ; contains a one-tile square outline that we can use as ; a square reticle to implement crosshairs on the chart LDA #%00000001 ; Set the attributes for sprite 15 as follows: STA attrSprite15 ; ; * Bits 0-1 = sprite palette 1 ; * Bit 5 clear = show in front of background ; * Bit 6 clear = do not flip horizontally ; * Bit 7 clear = do not flip vertically LDA QQ19 ; Set SC2 to the pixel x-coordinate of the centre of the STA SC2 ; crosshairs LDY QQ19+1 ; Set Y to the pixel y-coordinate of the centre of the ; crosshairs LDA #15 ; Set X = 15 * 4, so X is the index of sprite 15 within ASL A ; the sprite buffer, as each sprite takes up four bytes ASL A ; (in other words, xSprite0 + X and ySprite0 + X are the TAX ; addresses of the x- and y-coordinates of sprite 15 in ; the sprite buffer) LDA SC2 ; Set the pixel x-coordinate of sprite 15 to SC2 - 4 SEC ; SBC #4 ; So the centre of the square reticle in sprite 15 is at STA xSprite0,X ; x-coordinate SC2, as the reticle is eight pixels wide TYA ; Set the pixel y-coordinate of sprite 15 to Y + 10 CLC ; ADC #10+YPAL ; So the reticle is drawn 10 pixels below the coordinate STA ySprite0,X ; in the QQ19+1 argument (this takes the 14-pixel high ; chart title into consideration, and ensures that the ; centre of the reticle is over the correct coordinates ; as the sprite is eight pixels high) RTS ; Return from the subroutine