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[6502 Second Processor version, I/O processor]

Name: USOSWRCH [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Tube Summary: The custom OSWRCH routine for writing characters and implementing jump table commands Deep dive: 6502 Second Processor Tube communication
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * BEGINLIN calls USOSWRCH * JMPTAB calls USOSWRCH * RDPARAMS calls USOSWRCH

WRCHV is set to point to this routine in the STARTUP routine that runs when the I/O processor code first loads (it's set via a call to PUTBACK). This routine prints characters to the I/O processor's screen. For special jump table commands with characters in the range 128-147, the routine calls the corresponding routines in the JMPTAB table; all other characters are printed normally using TT26. To implement the special jump table commands, this routine sets the address in WRCHV so that calls to OSWRCH get vectored via the appropriate address from JMPTAB. The routine does the following, depending on the value in A: * If A is in the range 128-147, it sets WRCHV to entry number A - 128 in the JMPTAB table (so 128 is the first entry, 129 the second, and so on) * Otherwise it prints the character in A by calling TT26 The vector can be reset to USOSWRCH by calling the PUTBACK routine, which is done at the end of all of the routines that are pointed to by JMPTAB.
Arguments: A The character to print: * 128-147: Run the jump command in A (see JMPTAB) * All others: Print the character in A
.USOSWRCH STX SC \ Store X in SC so we can retrieve it later TAX \ Store A in X BPL OHMYGOD \ If A < 128 jump to OHMYGOD to print the character in A ASL A \ Set X = A << 2 TAX \ = (A - 128) * 2 (because A >= 128) \ \ so X can be used as an index into a jump table, where \ the table entries correspond to original values of A \ of 128 for entry 0, 129 for entry 1, 130 for entry 2, \ and so on CPX #39 \ If X >= 39 then it is past the end of the jump table BCS OHMYGOD \ (JMPTAB contains addresses 0-19, so the last entry is \ for X = 38), so jump to OHMYGOD to print the \ character in A LDA JMPTAB,X \ Fetch the low byte of the jump table address pointed \ to by X from JMPTAB + X SEI \ Disable interrupts while we update the WRCHV vector STA WRCHV \ Store the low byte of the jump table entry in the low \ byte of WRCHV LDA JMPTAB+1,X \ Fetch the high byte of the jump table address pointed STA WRCHV+1 \ to by X from JMPTAB+1 + X, and store it in the high \ byte of WRCHV CLI \ Enable interrupts again RTS \ Return from the subroutine .OHMYGOD LDX SC \ Retrieve X from SC JMP TT26 \ Jump to TT26 to print the character in A, returning \ from the subroutine using a tail call