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Market: ITEM

[BBC Micro cassette version]

Name: ITEM [Show more] Type: Macro Category: Market Summary: Macro definition for the market prices table Deep dive: Market item prices and availability
Context: See this macro in context in the source code References: This macro is used as follows: * QQ23 uses ITEM

The following macro is used to build the market prices table: ITEM price, factor, units, quantity, mask It inserts an item into the market prices table at QQ23. See the deep dive on "Market item prices and availability" for more information on how the market system works.
Arguments: price Base price factor Economic factor units Units: "t", "g" or "k" quantity Base quantity mask Fluctuations mask
MACRO ITEM price, factor, units, quantity, mask IF factor < 0 s = 1 << 7 ELSE s = 0 ENDIF IF units = 't' u = 0 ELIF units = 'k' u = 1 << 5 ELSE u = 1 << 6 ENDIF e = ABS(factor) EQUB price EQUB s + u + e EQUB quantity EQUB mask ENDMACRO