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Loader: LOAD

[BBC Micro disc version, Loader 3]

Name: LOAD [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Loader Summary: Load the main docked code, set up various vectors, run a checksum and start the game
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * Elite loader (Part 1 of 3) calls LOAD

This routine also contains a hidden message from the authors for potential crackers to enjoy: Does your mother know you do this? I bet this made quite a few people smile back in the day...
.LOAD LDX #LO(LTLI) \ Set (Y X) to point to LTLI ("L.T.CODE") LDY #HI(LTLI) JSR OSCLI \ Call OSCLI to run the OS command in LTLI, which loads \ the T.CODE binary (the main docked code) to its load \ address of &11E3 LDA #LO(S%+11) \ Point BRKV to the fifth entry in the main docked STA BRKV \ code's S% workspace, which contains JMP BRBR1 LDA #HI(S%+11) STA BRKV+1 LDA #LO(S%+6) \ Point WRCHV to the third entry in the main docked STA WRCHV \ code's S% workspace, which contains JMP CHPR LDA #HI(S%+6) STA WRCHV+1 SEC \ Set the C flag so the checksum we calculate in A \ starts with an initial value of 18 (17 plus carry) LDY #0 \ Set Y = 0 to act as a byte pointer STY ZP \ Set the low byte of ZP(1 0) to 0, so ZP(1 0) always \ points to the start of a page LDX #&11 \ Set X = &11, so ZP(1 0) will point to &1100 when we \ stick X in ZP+1 below TXA \ Set A = &11 = 17, to set the initial value of the \ checksum to 18 (17 plus carry) .l1 STX ZP+1 \ Set the high byte of ZP(1 0) to the page number in X ADC (ZP),Y \ Set A = A + the Y-th byte of ZP(1 0) DEY \ Decrement the byte pointer BNE l1 \ Loop back to add the next byte until we have added the \ whole page INX \ Increment the page number in X CPX #&54 \ Loop back to checksum the next page until we have BCC l1 \ checked up to (but not including) page &54 CMP &55FF \ Compare the checksum with the value in &55FF, which is \ in the docked file we just loaded, in the byte before \ the ship hangar blueprints at XX21 IF _REMOVE_CHECKSUMS NOP \ If we have disabled checksums, then ignore the result NOP \ of the checksum comparison ELSE IF _STH_DISC OR _IB_DISC BNE P% \ If the checksums don't match then enter an infinite \ loop, which hangs the computer ELIF _SRAM_DISC NOP \ The sideways RAM variant ignores the result of the NOP \ checksum comparison ENDIF ENDIF JMP S%+3 \ Jump to the second entry in the main docked code's S% \ workspace to start a new game .LTLI EQUS "L.T.CODE" \ This is short for "*LOAD T.CODE" EQUB 13 EQUS "Does your mother know you do this?" COPYBLOCK LOAD, P%, LOADcode ORG LOADcode + P% - LOAD