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Text: RTOK

[BBC Micro disc version, Text tokens]

Name: RTOK [Show more] Type: Macro Category: Text Summary: Macro definition for recursive tokens in the recursive token table Deep dive: Printing text tokens
Context: See this macro in context in the source code References: This macro is used as follows: * QQ18 uses RTOK

The following macro is used when building the recursive token table: RTOK n Insert recursive token [n] * Tokens 0-95 get stored as n + 160 * Tokens 128-145 get stored as n - 114 * Tokens 96-127 get stored as n See the deep dive on "Printing text tokens" for details on how recursive tokens are stored in the recursive token table.
Arguments: n The number of the recursive token to insert into the table, in the range 0 to 145
MACRO RTOK n IF n >= 0 AND n <= 95 t = n + 160 ELIF n >= 128 t = n - 114 ELSE t = n ENDIF EQUB t EOR RE ENDMACRO