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Ship hangar: HAS2

[BBC Master version]

Name: HAS2 [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Ship hangar Summary: Draw a hangar background line from left to right
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this subroutine in the different versions References: This subroutine is called as follows: * HANGER calls HAS2

This routine draws a line to the right, starting with the third pixel of the pixel row at screen address SC(1 0), and aborting if we bump into something that's already on-screen. HAL2 draws from the left edge of the screen to the halfway point, and then HAL3 takes over to draw from the halfway point across the right half of the screen.
.HAS2 LDA #%00100010 \ Set A to the pixel pattern for a mode 1 character row \ byte with the third pixel set, so we start drawing the \ horizontal line just to the right of the 2-pixel \ border along the edge of the screen .HAL2 TAX \ Store A in X so we can retrieve it after the following \ check and again after updating screen memory AND (SC),Y \ If the pixel we want to draw is non-zero (using A as a BNE HA3 \ mask), then this means it already contains something, \ so we stop drawing because we have run into something \ that's already on-screen, and return from the \ subroutine (as HA3 contains an RTS) TXA \ Retrieve the value of A we stored above, so A now \ contains the pixel mask again AND #RED \ Apply the pixel mask in A to a four-pixel block of \ red pixels, so we now know which bits to set in screen \ memory ORA (SC),Y \ OR the byte with the current contents of screen \ memory, so the pixel we want is set to red (because \ we know the bits are already 0 from the above test) STA (SC),Y \ Store the updated pixel in screen memory TXA \ Retrieve the value of A we stored above, so A now \ contains the pixel mask again LSR A \ Shift A to the right to move on to the next pixel BCC HAL2 \ If bit 0 before the shift was clear (i.e. we didn't \ just do the fourth pixel in this block), loop back to \ HAL2 to check and draw the next pixel TYA \ Set Y = Y + 8 (as we know the C flag is set) to point ADC #7 \ to the next character block along TAY LDA #%10001000 \ Reset the pixel mask in A to the first pixel in the \ new 4-pixel character block BCC HAL2 \ If the above addition didn't overflow, jump back to \ HAL2 to keep drawing the line in the next character \ block INC SC+1 \ The addition overflowed, so we have reached the last \ character block in this page of memory, so increment \ the high byte of SC(1 0) in SC+1 to point to the next \ page (i.e. the right half of this screen row) and fall \ into HAL3 to repeat the performance