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Text: MT17

[BBC Master version]

Name: MT17 [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Text Summary: Print the selected system's adjective, e.g. Lavian for Lave Deep dive: Extended text tokens
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * JMTB calls MT17

The adjective for the current system is generated by taking the system name, removing the last character if it is a vowel, and adding "-ian" to the end, so: * Lave gives Lavian (as in "Lavian tree grub") * Leesti gives Leestian (as in "Leestian Evil Juice") This routine is called by jump token 17, {system name adjective}, and it can only be used when justified text is being printed - i.e. following jump token 14, {justify} - because the routine needs to use the line buffer to work.
.MT17 LDA QQ17 \ Set QQ17 = %10111111 to switch to Sentence Case AND #%10111111 STA QQ17 LDA #3 \ Print control code 3 (selected system name) into the JSR TT27 \ line buffer LDX DTW5 \ Load the last character of the line buffer BUF into A LDA BUF-1,X \ (as DTW5 contains the buffer size, so character DTW5-1 \ is the last character in the buffer BUF) JSR VOWEL \ Test whether the character is a vowel, in which case \ this will set the C flag BCC MT171 \ If the character is not a vowel, skip the following \ instruction DEC DTW5 \ The character is a vowel, so decrement DTW5, which \ removes the last character from the line buffer (i.e. \ it removes the trailing vowel from the system name) .MT171 LDA #153 \ Print extended token 153 ("IAN"), returning from the JMP DETOK \ subroutine using a tail call