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Text: DTW6

[BBC Master version]

Name: DTW6 [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Text Summary: A flag to denote whether printing in lower case is enabled for extended text tokens Deep dive: Extended text tokens
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * DETOK2 uses DTW6 * MT13 uses DTW6 * MT2 uses DTW6

This variable is used to indicate whether lower case is currently enabled. It has two values: * %10000000 = lower case is enabled * %00000000 = lower case is not enabled The default value is %00000000 (lower case is not enabled). The flag is set to %10000000 (lower case is enabled) by jump token 13 {lower case}, which calls routine MT10 to change the value of DTW6. The flag is set to %00000000 (lower case is not enabled) by jump token 1, {all caps}, and jump token 2, {sentence case}, which call routines MT1 and MT2 to change the value of DTW6.
.DTW6 EQUB %00000000