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Text: DTW8

[BBC Master version]

Name: DTW8 [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Text Summary: A mask for capitalising the next letter in an extended text token Deep dive: Extended text tokens
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * DETOK2 uses DTW8 * MT19 uses DTW8 * TT26 uses DTW8

This variable is only used by one specific extended token, the {single cap} jump token, which capitalises the next letter only. It has two values: * %11011111 = capitalise the next letter * %11111111 = do not change case The default value is %11111111 (do not change case). The flag is set to %11011111 (capitalise the next letter) by jump token 19, {single cap}, which calls routine MT19 to change the value of DTW. The flag is set to %11111111 (do not change case) at the start of DASC, after the letter has been capitalised in DETOK2, so the effect is to capitalise one letter only. The letter to print is AND'd with DTW8 in DETOK2, which capitalises the letter by clearing bit 5 (if DTW8 is %11011111). However, this AND is only done if at least one of the following is true: * Bit 7 of DTW2 is set (we are not currently printing a word) * Bit 7 of DTW6 is set (lower case has been enabled by jump token 13, {lower case} In other words, we only capitalise the next letter if it's the first letter in a word, or we are printing in lower case.
.DTW8 EQUB %11111111