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Moving: MVEIT (Part 2 of 9)

[BBC Micro cassette version]

Name: MVEIT (Part 2 of 9) [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Moving Summary: Move current ship: Call tactics routine, remove ship from scanner Deep dive: Scheduling tasks with the main loop counter
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this subroutine in the different versions References: No direct references to this subroutine in this source file

This routine has multiple stages. This stage does the following: * Apply tactics to ships with AI enabled (by calling the TACTICS routine) * Remove the ship from the scanner, so we can move it
.MV3 LDX TYPE \ If the type of the ship we are moving is positive, BPL P%+5 \ i.e. it is not a planet (types 128 and 130) or sun \ (type 129), then skip the following instruction JMP MV40 \ This item is the planet or sun, so jump to MV40 to \ move it, which ends by jumping back into this routine \ at MV45 (after all the rotation, tactics and scanner \ code, which we don't need to apply to planets or suns) LDA INWK+32 \ Fetch the ship's byte #32 (AI flag) into A BPL MV30 \ If bit 7 of the AI flag is clear, then if this is a \ ship or missile it is dumb and has no AI, and if this \ is the space station it is not hostile, so in both \ cases skip the following as it has no tactics CPX #MSL \ If the ship is a missile, skip straight to MV26 to BEQ MV26 \ call the TACTICS routine, as we do this every \ iteration of the main loop for missiles only LDA MCNT \ Fetch the main loop counter EOR XSAV \ Fetch the slot number of the ship we are moving, EOR AND #7 \ with the loop counter and apply mod 8 to the result. BNE MV30 \ The result will be zero when "counter mod 8" matches \ the slot number mod 8, so this makes sure we call \ TACTICS 12 times every 8 main loop iterations, like \ this: \ \ Iteration 0, apply tactics to slots 0 and 8 \ Iteration 1, apply tactics to slots 1 and 9 \ Iteration 2, apply tactics to slots 2 and 10 \ Iteration 3, apply tactics to slots 3 and 11 \ Iteration 4, apply tactics to slot 4 \ Iteration 5, apply tactics to slot 5 \ Iteration 6, apply tactics to slot 6 \ Iteration 7, apply tactics to slot 7 \ Iteration 8, apply tactics to slots 0 and 8 \ ... \ \ and so on .MV26 JSR TACTICS \ Call TACTICS to apply AI tactics to this ship .MV30 JSR SCAN \ Draw the ship on the scanner, which has the effect of \ removing it, as it's already at this point and hasn't \ yet moved