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Dashboard: WPSHPS

[BBC Micro disc version, Docked]

Name: WPSHPS [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Dashboard Summary: Clear the scanner, reset the ball line and sun line heaps
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this subroutine in the different versions References: This subroutine is called as follows: * RES2 calls WPSHPS

Remove all ships from the scanner, reset the sun line heap at LSO, and reset the ball line heap at LSX2 and LSY2.
.WPSHPS LDX #0 \ Set up a counter in X to work our way through all the \ ship slots in FRIN .WSL1 LDA FRIN,X \ Fetch the ship type in slot X BEQ WS2 \ If the slot contains 0 then it is empty and we have \ checked all the slots (as they are always shuffled \ down in the main loop to close up and gaps), so jump \ to WS2 as we are done BMI WS1 \ If the slot contains a ship type with bit 7 set, then \ it contains the planet or the sun, so jump down to WS1 \ to skip this slot, as the planet and sun don't appear \ on the scanner JSR GINF \ Call GINF to get the address of the data block for \ ship slot X and store it in INF LDY #31 \ We now want to copy the first 32 bytes from the ship's \ data block into INWK, so set a counter in Y .WSL2 LDA (INF),Y \ Copy the Y-th byte from the data block pointed to by STA INWK,Y \ INF into the Y-th byte of INWK workspace DEY \ Decrement the counter to point at the next byte BPL WSL2 \ Loop back to WSL2 until we have copied all 32 bytes STX XSAV \ Store the ship slot number in XSAV while we call SCAN LDX XSAV \ Restore the ship slot number from XSAV into X LDY #31 \ Clear bits 3, 4 and 6 in the ship's byte #31, which LDA (INF),Y \ stops drawing the ship on-screen (bit 3), hides it AND #%10100111 \ from the scanner (bit 4) and stops any lasers firing STA (INF),Y \ (bit 6) .WS1 INX \ Increment X to point to the next ship slot BNE WSL1 \ Loop back up to process the next slot (this BNE is \ effectively a JMP as X will never be zero) .WS2 LDX #&FF \ Set LSX2 = LSY2 = &FF to clear the ball line heap STX LSX2 STX LSY2 \ Fall through into FLFLLS to reset the LSO block